Copyright and Plagiarism

What are the rules for using other people's work?

Learner Description: This scavenger hunt is appropriate for all students. It was specifically designed for intermediate and advanced ESL learners. The purpose of the hunt is to help students understand what the rules are for using other people's work.

When creating projects and writing papers it is important for students to know what they can use and what they can't use. Students also need to be aware of what they need to do when they use another person's work.

This page contains a scavenger hunt. They hunt focuses on copyright law and when someone can use another person's work. The hunt is broken down into four separate sections. These sections are copyright, fair use, public domain, and plagiarism. By the end of this scavenger hunt you will have a basic understanding of these four topics.


Copyright Scavenger Hunt

Please use the following link to answer questions 1-3.
US Copyright Office - Copyright In General:

1.What is a copyright?

2.What is protected by copyright laws?

3.If someone does not register their work with the US Copyright Office, can I use it without permission? Please briefly explain.

Fair Use General Knowledge Questions:

Please use the following links to answer questions 4-6.
Johnson County Community College -Fair Use Guidelines:
US Copyright Office - More Information on Fair Use:

4. What is fair use?

5. What are the four reasons that people can use copyrighted work without permission?

6. What are the considerations that judges look at when deciding if it is fair use?

Public Domain Questions:

Please use the following link to answer questions 7-8.
Standford University Libraries - Copyright and Fair Use:

7. What is public domain?

8. How do works enter public domain?

Plagiarism Questions:

Please use the following link to answer questions 9-10.
The Writing Center - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Plagiarism:

9. What is plagiarism?

10. If I want to use a quote or information that I found, what do I need to do?

I hope that you learned a little bit about copyright and plagiarism by completing this activity. Remember that while it is sometimes OK to use other people's work, it is never acceptable to present another person's work as your own. Please remember to use this information when completing assignments and projects throughout the school year.

Please check you answers using the Answer Key.

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