Travel Planner

Learner Description: This activity was designed for intermediate and advanced ESL learners. The purpose of the activity is to get students comfortable using their mobile devices to complete a variety of tasks.


You will make a travel plan for a vacation of your choice. You will search for the information needed to plan a vacation. You will then create and share your itinerary.

  1. Decide where you want to go.
  2. Search for activities and places to visit and eat.
  3. Find a flight to your desired destination.
  4. Find accommodations for your vacation
  5. Input all of you information in the GoogeTrips App and share it with family and friends.


Things to do and places to eat.

Trip Advisor logo.

After you decide which city you would like to visit, start to research what you would like to do while you are there and places that you would like to eat. Take note of at least 5 places that you want to visit and 5 places that you want to eat while you are on your vacation.

Trip Advisor:

Yelp Logo

Yelp is another good resource to look for review on activities and restaurants in the city that you will be visiting.




Skyscanner logo.

Search for flights from your city to the place that you want to go. This website websites allows you to view flights and prices for several different airlines. Make sure to consider both the price and travel time when deciding which flight you want to take. Choose the flight that suits your needs. Take note of the flight time and carrier. (Do not actually book a flight).



Agoda Logo

Type in your location and the dates of your stay to find a hotel to stay in. You want to consider the price, reviews and location of the hotel. Use the map feature to see where your hotel is and what attractions are near it.



Create and Share Itinerary


Google Trips Logo

Download the app and input all of your travel details. You can add your flight and hotel details. You can add the places that you want to go and even make an itinerary for each day. At a minimum put your hotel and flight information in the app, as well as five places that you want to visit and 5 restaurants where you want to eat. Share this trip with a family member or friend who is not going on the trip with you. You should do this so that somebody knows where you will be on your trip, especially if you are alone. You can also send the itinerary to your friends to make them super jealous.

Google Trips:

Getting around

Google Maps logo.

Google Maps is a great tool to have on your phone when traveling. It allows you to get directions to destinations of interest. It can also let you knows which places are near each other to help you plan your days wisely.

Google Maps:

You may need to download the app onto your phone.