The Task

You just got a brief overview of what human rights are. During the course of this WebQuest you will study several important human rights documents. You summarize the document and explain how it effected the people that lived during that time. You will write about several important rights that it gives people. You will also write about some drawbacks of the document. This could include who it gives rights to or some rights that you feel should have been included in the document. After you study and analyze the four documents you will create your own list of human rights. You can use some of the rights that are on these documents that you studied. You should also add a few that are relevant today they may not have been important when the other documents were written.


The steps:

  • Research human rights documents that were written in the past.
  • Summarize and critique each of the three human rights documents.
  • Create your own "Bill of Rights."
  • Have at least two classmates peer-review your document.
  • Use the rubric to evaluate grade yourself.
  • Submit your document to your teacher for a grade.

There are more details of each step on the next page.

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