The Central Question

Welcome to Human Rights: A WebQuest. During the course of this WebQuest you will learn a brief history of human rights. You will study and evaluate a few important historical documents. You will explain why these documents were so important and how the effected the people living in those times. Finally, you will create your own "Bill of Rights." This document can give rights to any population that you choose. You need to think about rights that people should have today that were not relevant when the other documents were written.

Student Instructions

Students will follow the instructions on each page and complete the assignments on each page.

  • Introduction: Students get an introduction to the history of human rights.
  • Task: Students are given an overview of the work that they will complete in this WebQuest.
  • Process: This is a detailed explanation of the steps that they will take to complete their document for this assignment.
  • Evaluation: This is the rubric that will be used to grade the assignment in this WebQuest.
  • Conclusion: Students will think about what they have learned in this WebQuest.

Teacher Instructions

A lesson plan is available for teachers who would like to use this resource in their classes. Any teacher is welcome to use this resource free of charge.

  • Teacher Page: A lesson plan for teachers who use this WebQuest.
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