The Process

You will create a document in using Google Docs. There are two main parts of this document. You will save your document in your Google Drive.

Document Overview

Part 1: The first part is a summary and evaluation of three important human rights documents. For each document you need to:

  • Provide background and historical context for the document
  • Summarize some important rights granted by the document
  • Explain some drawbacks to the document (i.e. Who doesn't the document protect? Is it enforced? Are there any important rights that you think are missing?)

Part 2: You will create your own "Bill of Rights." You can make this document apply to the entire world, a specific country, or a certain group of people. For this part of the document you need to consider how the world has changed since the previous documents were created. Are there rights that need to be protected now, that were not necessary in the past. Your document needs to:

  • Identify the group(s) protected by this document
  • Provide at least 20 rights that are protected by this document.
  • Explainl of how this document will be enforced.

With that in mind you should now begin your research.

Research human rights documents that were written in the past.

Magna Carta:
  • The British Library: This resource provides background and information on the Magna Carta using a variety of media.
  • The National Archives: An interactive lesson that provides information about the importance of the Magna Carta.
Bill of Rights:
Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Summarize and critique each of the three human rights documents.

Create a document in Google Docs. Write a summary and evaluation of each of the three human rights documents that you have researched. Include all parts described in Part 1 above.

Create your own "Bill of Rights."

In the same document include your own "Bill of Rights." You may write this document for any goup of people. Your document must include all of the parts described in Part 2 above.

Have at least two classmates peer-review your document.

Share your Google doc with at least two of your classmates. They should make suggestions about the document and check for spelling and grammar. You will need to review at least two of your classmates documents as well.

Use the rubric to evaluate and grade yourself.

Use the rubric on the next page to evaluate your document. If you are missing any points make changes to the document to make sure that you have everything required in the document.

Submit your document to your teacher.

Share your document with your instructor via Google Drive.

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