This rubric will be used to grade your document. Please complete a self-assessment before you submit your document for a grade. There is another description of what needs to be included in the document under the rubric.


WebQuest Grading Rubric
  Excellent (100%) Good (80%-99%) Unsatisfactory (0% - 79%)

Part 1:

Summary and evaluation

(35 points)

Provides background information, summary and evaluation of all three documents. All items are accurate and clearly explained. (9 total items) Missing at least one but not more than three total items. Items are mostly clear and accurate. Missing more than three items. Items are not well-thought out or clearly expressed.

Part 2:

Document of Rights

(35 points)


At least 20 well thought out rights with an explanation of who they protect and how they will be enforced. Has at least 15 rights with explanations. Or has 20 rights and is missing at least one explanation. Missing more than 5 rights or both explanations. The rights are not clearly thought out.

Organization and Clarity

(20 points)

Document is clearly organized with headings and introductions for each part. Document is clear and easy to follow. Document does not have headings and introductions but is mostly clear. Document is poorly organized and difficult to follow. No headings or introductions.

Grammar and Spelling

(10 points)

Less than 5 spelling or grammatical errors are found in the document. 6- 15 spelling or grammatical errors are found in the document. More than 15 spelling or grammatical errors are found in the document.


Document Overview

Part 1: The first part is a summary and evaluation of three important human rights documents. For each document you need to:

  • Provide background and historical context for the document
  • Summarize some important rights granted by the document
  • Explain some drawbacks to the document (i.e. Who doesn't the document protect? Is it enforced? Are there any important rights that you think are missing?)

Part 2: You will create your own document granting human rights. You can make this document apply to the entire world, a specific country, or a certain group of people. For this part of the document you need to consider how the world has changed since the previous documents were created. Are there rights that need to be protected now, there were not necessary in the past. Your document needs to:

  • Identify the group(s) protected by this document
  • Provide at least 20 rights that are protected by this document.
  • Explain how this document will be enforced.



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